Hello, I’m Jenny.

The blog and Me.

Just your average girl stuck in an adult body, really. Nothing special. Since August 2014, I’ve been fulfilling a childhood dream to live and work in Japan.

At first, I wanted to use this blog to document my adventures, but that’s all been said and done. I don’t have much to contribute in that department other than Pokemon Centre snapshots. And more Pokemon Centre snapshots. Did I say Pokemon Centre snapshots?

I’m more inclined to now document the unpopular side of Japan that no one talks about. Like how people still use fax machines. #japanproblems

Or how the toilet seats don’t heat up in the summer. #firstworldjapaneseproblems

Seriously though.

It’s not always rainbows and lolitas, unfortunately.


Tools of the trade.

Wherever I go, my “camera” goes.

My very first camera was a kodak disposable film camera when I was 6 years old… multiple disposable film cameras, in fact, before my dad deemed me responsible to share his canon film camera with me.

Then the digital point-and-shoots came out and we had a fair share of Sony and Canon before I made my big purchase.

I entered into the micro4/3 (m4/3) world in University, because I knew I was not good enough to handle a DSLR but I was sick of the point-and-shoots. And I’ve been carrying my E-PL1 ever since.

But to be brutally honest, “camera” just usually means my phone.

The first phone that was powerful enough to store photos was my Samsung Galaxy S2.

However most of the pictures you will see will be from my Japanese iphone.

#hipster #loser