Where to Go – Anime Shopping in Kansai

Is anyone even surprised when I say "I like anime" when I'm living in Japan? Unfortunately, yes... I am that f-ing ~weeaboo~ nerd that lives in Japan, loves anime  and probably the one that everyone hates. /cues bashing Now that's over with. Let me tell you a few places I like to frequent for my … Continue reading Where to Go – Anime Shopping in Kansai


Off the path: Tomonoura (鞆の浦)

During my travels to Hiroshima this time, I took a trip out to a small port town south of Fukuyama, Hiroshima called Tomonoura. Perhaps the name might sound unfamiliar to you, but what if I said Ponyo? Or perhaps, Wolverine? If you haven't guessed already – yes, this is the port town where the animated … Continue reading Off the path: Tomonoura (鞆の浦)

Glico man (?)

[backlog post] The first thing I did when I arrived back in Osaka was go to Nanba. And of course, when you're in Nanba, you have to go to Dotonburi. I was half expecting to take some more pictures of the Glico Man (despite having done so already 2 years ago), but then I was … Continue reading Glico man (?)