A**hole Foreigner in Japan [Part 1] – Language 

Last month, I decided to take a well-deserved overnight trip to Nagashima Spa Land. The resort has an amazing onsen and the theme park is geared with a pretty amazing (Japanese Standards, I guess) water park and attractions. I spent both of those days in the water park, and it was great fun! Except that … Continue reading A**hole Foreigner in Japan [Part 1] – Language 


Glico man (?)

[backlog post] The first thing I did when I arrived back in Osaka was go to Nanba. And of course, when you're in Nanba, you have to go to Dotonburi. I was half expecting to take some more pictures of the Glico Man (despite having done so already 2 years ago), but then I was … Continue reading Glico man (?)